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Tvärvägen: September [Video]


Written by Fense

There’s no doubt about it — the days are getting colder and the nights have come to dominate the evening. Soon they’ll steal away the late afternoon. I walked to Breadfarm and picked up some rolls and my sweater wasn’t enough to keep the chill of the light wind away. “September” is the perfect song — and video — for this time of year. Sure, it’s October here, but in Sweden, where Tvärvägen calls home, it was probably this cold last month.

This video reminds me of Michel Gondry’s films. It has that bizarre feel to it that would go right along with The Science Of Sleep or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. The song, too, fits. The first half is primarily vocals and piano. It’s soft and it’s slow. The second half finds Tvärvägen picking up additional instruments and gradually increasing volume. The tempo even appears to quicken at times as “September” nears its climactic pinnacle. Then it drops back to the original sombre, soft note to conclude.

To tell you the truth, it has been ages since a song has made me emotional — probably three, maybe four years. But “September” makes me want to cry; don’t get me wrong, they aren’t sad tears. The song is simply one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard. It’s easily the most beautiful song of the year. And it’s the perfect song for a chilly, overcast fall day.

“September” will be released on November 6 with the rest of SÃ¥nger frÃ¥n Tvärvägen on Knoppar Records.

Tvärvägen: September [mp3]

Tvärvägen – September from Henrik Ohberg on Vimeo.

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