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Past Lives: Strange Symmetry [Album Review]

Past Lives by Rustee Pace

Written by Fense

The wake of The Blood Brothers demise has actually led to several viable new projects from former members. This list includes Jaguar Love, who released their first LP on Matador earlier this year, and Past Lives (MySpace). Strange Symmetry is the debut EP by the latter, currently out in digital form and slated for physical format release in the next month or so.

“Beyond Gone” kicks the EP softly into gear. The song slowly gains momentum but never reaches the noisy levels of the group’s… er… older brother. (Wow, in retrospect, no pun intended.) It does, however, demonstrate the fellas’ ability to write a great song without all the distortion and screaming—don’t worry, those elements do find their place selectively in Past Lives’ music.

Mathematically, the album progresses in a bit of a bell-shaped curve, making “Skull Lender” the pinnacle of noise before slowly decreasing volume in “Reverse The Curse” and softening the wrap-up in “Chrome Life”. Like fellow post-Blood Brothers group Jaguar Love, Past Lives is an excellent follow up to the Seattle group so many cherished.

Past Lives: Strange Symmetry [mp3]
[audio:1020_pastlives_-_strange_symmetry.mp3|titles=Strange Symmetry|artists=Past Lives]

Strange Symmetry by Past Lives

Suicide Squeeze [CDEP, 2008]

1. Beyond Gone
2. Strange Symmetry
3. Skull Lender
4. Reverse The Curse
5. Chrome Life

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