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The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra: In A Dream [Video]

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

Written by Fense

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, or TFTO, is a spacey group with catchy vocal phrases, oft male/female dual harmonic vocals, and great instrumental breakdowns. In some ways, it reminds me of A Certain Feeling by Bodies Of Water—another phenom from 2008—but without sheer emotive darkness.

Sure there’s emotion here, but it’s much more upbeat… there’s more indie pop here. But God! …Just listen to opening track “Don’t Be Fooled” off their self-released Escapements EP! Still, they’re not all like this; “In A Dream” is, though.

The video for “In A Dream” is again takes advantage of old footage—I seem to be stumbling upon lots of these lately. Due to the aged video, the storyline is a bit vague, but that’s to be expected in music videos so it’s not too surprising.

“In A Dream” may begin with that mysterious sound, but it soon opens up into an indie pop gem. That tends to be the trend with TFTO, and it’s a refreshing take on indie pop, an often stagnant and homogenous subgenre.

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra: In A Dream [mp3]
[audio:1003_the_flying_tourbillon_orchestra_-_in_a_dream.mp3|titles=In A Dream|artists=The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra]

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