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Mamiffer: Hirror Enniffer [Album Review]

Mamiffer by A. Turner

Written by Fense

Mamiffer is a strange name. So is the title to their debut album, Hirror Enniffer. Then again, the music Mamiffer makes is as unique as the monikers they have masterfully possessed. The group consists of Seattle pianist Faith Coloccia. Coloccia draws influence from her art and composition background to create a refreshing sound unheard of by your traditional pianist.

If I was to hear that Coloccia was classically trained, I would not be surprised; tunes like “Annwn” have classical elements to them despite droning effects made by Japanese distortion pedals and various other instruments. Thanks to a composition background, “Annwn”—among others—has a clever play on time signatures.

Also of no surprise is a guest appearance by Aaron Turner (ISIS) and Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes). While piano is the primary focus on several songs, its prominence remains but gives the lead to guitar on “Black Running Water”.

Hirror Enniffer is probably unlike anything you’ve heard. Not only is it an accessible album for fitting the experimental categorization, the classical elements mixed with electronic and shoegaze drones make it quite relaxing when it’s not filled with tension.

Mamiffer: Black Running Water [mp3]
[audio:0922_mamiffer_-_black_running_water.mp3|titles=Black Running Water|artists=Mamiffer]

Hirror Enniffer by Mamiffer

Hydra Head [CD, 2008]

1. This Land
2. Death Shawl
3. Annwn
4. Black Running Water
5. Suckling A Dead Litter
6. Cyhraeth


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