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Voxhaul Broadcast: Rotten Apples [Video]

Voxhaul Broadcast

Written by Fense

Whenever I hear the word Voxhaul, I think of (i) the European car company and (ii) the BBC show Top Gear, which continually covers their cars (typically dishing out poor reviews with a few minor positive exceptions). Now I have something else to think of—Voxhaul Broadcast, a folky jangle-pop band from Los Angeles.

The name Voxhaul Broadcast reminds me of another fun group. Perhaps not surprisingly, that group is Voxtrot. What conjures this is not just similarity in name. The poppy guitars filled with a light reverb-y echo also mirror some select Voxtrot songs. But the vocals stand on their own, and where trot oft features a driving percussion, haul is much more laid back.

On their video for “Rotten Apples”, the group is in a pretend western, finding the lead singer on one of those rocking horse kid toys, where you put a quarter in and it goes on a gallop to nowhere. “Rotten Apples” is the title-track for their April debut EP release on Retone Records.

Also, Voxhaul Broadcast recently released a single for their song “How Ya Gonna Get To Heaven” and, while I favor “Rotten Apples”, “How Ya Gonna Get To Heaven” and b-side “Doctor, Doctor” are pretty fun rides themselves. This new seven inch is also available for purchase now on Retone Records. Long live vinyl!

Voxhaul Broadcast: Rotten Apples [mp3]
[audio:0920_voxhaul_broadcast_-_rotten_apples.mp3|titles=Rotten Apples|artists=Voxhaul Broadcast]

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