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The Asteroid No. 4: These Flowers Of Ours [Album Review]

The Asteroid No. 4

These Flowers Of Ours channels an array of 60s subgenres, from folk and psych to jangle-pop and British Invasion. Layered under these vintage sounds, The Asteroid No. 4 (MySpace) combines elements of each sub-genre in a modern blender, portioning all the right amounts to create a concoction they can easily call their own. The result is a cohesive album, both fun and dreamy.

Thanks to clever mixing and post-production, changes between sub-genres are subtle, despite great potential for the opposite. Most songs feature a hefty reverb in the harmony vocals, and a similar space-y element can also be found selectively in various guitar riffs throughout the album. These commonalities dampen the transitions and keep These Flowers feeling consistent and well put-together.

Melodic and fun, songs like “Let It Go”, “Flowers Of Ours”, and “She Touched The Sky” tint These Flowers with a lighthearted feel that’s perfect accompaniment for sipping margaritas on a hot summer day by the pool with a group of friends. But it’s not all fun and games—the annoying neighbor shows up in “Hold On”, but he leaves quickly and the party resumes in “I Look Around”.

The keyboard melodies throughout the album, added to several harmony vocals, give The Asteroid No. 4 some similarities to groups like The Zombies, though the music here is a bit heftier and filled with noisier and more psychedelic guitars. Overall, These Flowers Of Ours sums up to be one of the better pop releases so far this year. It’s one any pop fan definitely should check out.

The Asteroid No. 4: I Look Around [mp3]
[audio:0915_the_asteroid_no_4_-_i_look_around.mp3|titles=I Look Around|artists=The Asteroid No. 4]
The Asteroid No. 4: My Love [mp3]
[audio:0915_the_asteroid_no_4_-_my_love.mp3|titles=My Love|artists=The Asteroid No. 4]

These Flowers Of Ours by The Asteroid No. 4

The Committee To Keep Music Evil [CD, 2008]

1. My Love
2. Let It Go
3. Hold On
4. I Look Around
5. She’s All I Need
6. War
7. Flowers Of Ours
8. Hei Nah Lah
9. She Touched The Sky
10. All Fall Down
11. Empty Like A Child

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