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Foals: Olympic Airways [Video]

Foals by Dave Ma

Written by Fense

As I write this, I am not listening to the recent Sub Pop release of Antidotes by Foals (MySpace), which is a great album by the way. No, I am listening to their Daytrotter Session, available for download here. I am also reading a nice little notice by Sub Pop updating their beloved press contacts with the latest Foals news.

That news is this: Foals released an iTunes exclusive digital EP on September 9th. The EP is titled Olympic Airways and, surprise surprise, it can only be purchased via iTunes. While I don’t have any tracks to post, there is a video for the title track (and I’ve dropped in an mp3 from Antidotes for your further enjoyment).

“Olympic Airways” is simply a continuation of Antidotes; it is similar in sound and scope. And the video is a fun forest romp that reminds me of a few drunken trips I had into the Idaho wilderness as an undergrad. So, if you dig Foals, head over to iTunes and pick up Olympic Airways, check out the video (below), and don’t forget to snag the Daytrotter Session before you forget.

Foals: Balloons [mp3]

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  1. Foals have disappointed me twice live, but it was because of the massive hype and excitement I couldn’t help but get caught up in, in the minutes leading up to their sets. Everyone goes totally mental. I love the album.

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