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TK Webb & The Visions: Ancestor [Album Review]

TK Webb & The Visions

Written by Fense

Cracking the Digipak CD case on TK Webb’s (MySpace) Ancestor, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The cover portrays giant wooden gates opening in the middle of either a desert dusk or dawn, and the sparse clouds are starkly white against the deep blue sky. The back shows a similar landscape—but without the doors—at night. In other words, the art is anthemic… Ancestor is anthemic!

Take “Year 33”, where guitars echo amidst a powerful vocal chorus. And look at the softly somber opening to its follow up in “God Bless The Little Angels” and its crescendo into epic guitar noise before it drops back into the spacey emptiness. It quickly becomes apparent that Webb is the master at writing heartfelt songs—no, heartfelt rock songs.

Joining Webb is ex-Love As Laughter musicians Brian Hale and Nic Gonzalez, and on bass a new name in Jordan Gable.

The greatness in the make-up of epic and anthemic rock is that it supersedes traditional rock in not only by beautifying it—in the sense that anthemic rock creates emotion, simply from enormous quantities of skilled guitar-work, explosive percussion, and masterful bass-lines—and moving volume from gigantic heights to un-impenetrable lows. That’s exactly what The Visions do on soft, bluesy tunes like “Patience And Fortitude” and the ear-splitting volume in “1000 Horns”.

Coda: Ancestor is out this week on Kemado Records and, if you’re here in Seattle, you can catch TK Webb performing at El Corazon on September 4 with Witchcraft.

TK Webb & The Visions: Teen Is Still Shaking [mp3]
[audio:0902_tk_webb_-_teen_is_still_shaking.mp3|titles=Teen Is Still Shaking|artists=TK Webb & The Visions]

Ancestor by TK Webb & The Visions

Kemado Records [CD, 2008]

1. Teen Is Still Shaking
2. Year 33
3. God Bless The Little Angels
4. Closed Caption Slang
5. Patience & Fortitude
6. Shame
7. Hope You All Are Gone
8. Dreen Drone Death
9. 1000 Horns
10. Isle Of Grizzly White
11. Time To Go

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