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Thunderheist: Jerk It [Video]


Written by Fense

Boy does Thunderheist (MySpace) remind me of last year’s hyped up Simian Mobile Disco. But hype’s like that; it creates similar bands doing similar things and “Jerk It” may fit that mold… slightly. But boy is it a catchy song!

In “Jerk It”, Thunderheist dives headlong into electro-hip-hop and the video is filled with the same super-dance-y sexuality of the music. Like the song, the video’s sexual energy is something that is impossible to ignore.

Remember that video for Simian Mobile Disco’s “Hustler”? You know, that one where all the hot ladies in bikinis stuff their faces with dessert foods and end up one hot mess? Yeah, while that one tops the charts in humor, this one is so much better.

In the video for “Jerk It”, Thunderheist has basically created hipster porn. And it’s fucking hot!

The bant includes two electro-geniuses, Isis—“Nigerian-born, Canadian-raised,” according to the band’s bio—on the mic and DJing by Grahmzilla. I’ve also included the mp3 of “Jerk It” below.

Thunderheist: Jerk It [mp3]
[audio:0826_thunderheist_-_jerk_it.mp3|titles=Jerk It|artists=Thunderheist]

thunderheist – jerk it from thatgo on Vimeo.

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