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Head Like A Kite: No Ordinary Caveman [Video]

Head Like A Kite

My recent introduction to Black Daisy Productions found me checking out music videos for Feral Children and Head Like A Kite (Website). Upon viewing both, Black Daisy can be noted for piecing together excellent stories with the music videos the create and produce.

“No Ordinary Caveman” finds a creepy mime brainwashing seemingly random individuals for a puppet show band. The video is as entertaining as the song is good. Head Like A Kite has recently garnered attention for their inclusion on MTV2, and it’s easy to see why. “No Ordinary Caveman” is an excellent introduction to a band that’s on its way to the big time.

The song comes from their LP There Is Loud Laugher Everywhere, available via Mush Records.

Written by Fense

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