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Yarn Owl [Feature Band]

Written by Fense

Yarn Owl is another group from Pullman (the town, not the band) musical mastermind Ted Powers, who again can be found on percussion. Like his prior concoction Ether Hour, Yarn Owl is distinctly pop. But where Ether Hour dropped in some folk elements, Yarn Owl is a bit more jangly.

The band features Javier on light, lovable vocals and Tim (ex-Band Of Horses drummer) on bass and Tyler on guitars. Songs like “Yarn Blues” and “Piece Of The Pie” fit the pop mold, but some jazzy riffs slip in on “Traveling”.

Now for a show plug… Yarn Owl will be playing a few shows across Washington in the next few months, so if you’re in Pullman, Seattle or Spokane, keep an eye out for them. Here are the upcoming dates for ya:

Pullman: August 27
Cougfest at Washington State University (GO COUGS!)

Seattle: August 29
The Tractor Tavern

Spokane: November 22
The HUB at Whitworth College
*with Throw Me The Statue

If you’re in Spokane, you won’t want to miss that one! And if you catch the Seattle show, come say hi. I’ll definitely be there!

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