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Oh Sweet Music! [Feature Band]

Written by Fense

Following the path of Swedish artists like Tafra and Springfactory–both familiar names to the Series II Records crowd–Oh Sweet Music! is another lovable twee-ish Swedish pop group. The band features several members, some of which simply are friends on stage.

One of five groups to contribute several tracks to Series II Compilation Volume 1, Oh Sweet Music! mixes whistle pop (“Four Long Years”) with sad pop ballads (“Long Time Since Bedtime”). “My Trip To Asia” details just that and features a chorus of trumpets and a jazzy guitar shuffle. Here’s “Long Time Since Bedtime”

“Song For Iraq” is probably my favorite from the group and thus it is another I’ve included below for your listening pleasure. In fact, the softer, more ballad-esque tunes are where Oh Sweet Music! shines the most.

Series II Compilation Volume 1 is out now on Series II Records.

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