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The Lovely Sparrows: Year Of The Dog [Video]

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Written by Fense

Spin recently took the exclusive debut of The Lovely Sparrows‘ video for “Year Of The Dog” and I initially found it astonishing that they related the Sparrows to Neutral Milk Hotel. ”I mean, The Lovely Sparrows are distinctly folk-pop and while NMH included some of these traits in their music, the emphasis was almost always on the pop.

But, in investing more time with “Year Of The Dog”, I can begin to hear why they made this claim. Check out the handclap breakdown in the middle that’s not something The Lovely Sparrows would have included on Pulling Up Floors, Pouring On (New) Paint, the group’s phenomenal debut EP. And while the flutes and melodica and awkward changes are, they’re more distinct here.

The video is, in a way, reminiscent of the recent one for “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes. Both have an element of folk-driven animation. Where Fleet Foxes use clay, The Lovely Sparrows use paper. In “Year Of The Dog”, the two dimensional element is given depth through The Lovely Sparrows’ skilled songwriting.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve included an mp3 of single “Department Of Foreseeable Outcomes”, also off The Lovely Sparrows’ upcoming LP, Bury The Cynics, out September 9 (my birthday) on Abandoned Love Records.

Also, the group will be in town next week to rock Seattle. Catch them August 26 at Chop Suey here in Seattle and on August 27 at Exit Only down in Portland with my good friend Meyercord.

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