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The Gluts’ Ferocious New Single “Squirrel” Will Gut You

The Gluts are an Italian four-piece from Milan that creates really loud, really dark, and really noisy post punk. I’ve been checking out their forthcoming sophomore LP Estasi, due out on Fuzz Club Records come May 5, and I have to say I really dig the sound.

The Gluts Band

It’s nothing entirely new, this sound. (What sound is original these days?) Reminiscent, to a slight extent, of post punk brethren like Grave Babies, Metz, a noisier Protomartyr or a less electronic Odonis Odonis, The Gluts find a welcome home in the über-dark realm of noise rock. And boy is it good if that’s what gets you excited.

“Squirrel” is the first track they’ve thrown out for public consumption, and I like it. Check it out below.

Call it noise rock or post punk: it also borders on gothic. Immense, intense guitars near overwhelm in feedback. Percussion on the leading edge of the rhythm that drives things ever forward. Piercing vocals shrill with agonizing screams.

This music is feral.

CLASH put it best when they described the song:

“Squirrel” is an unassuming name for such a wild beast.

Yes, the anxiety-inducing “Squirrel” may be the lead single, but we wouldn’t be discussing The Gluts if it wasn’t for their Estasi opener “Colline Bianche”. It’s what initially drew me to the band.

The song is slower and significantly more brooding. The vocals seem tame in comparison to “Squirrel”. There’s a solid melody here that is undeniably cool.

“Colline Bianche” is the perfect album opener for a band like The Gluts. All the elements are there–the ominous noise, the extreme ferocity–and it builds and wanes throughout the song. It teases and tempts and gives you a taste of what’s to come without full-on slapping you in the face and punch in the stomach.

That comes toward the end of the song.

This backed with the intensity of the lead single make The Glutz a must-hear for any fans of fuzzed-out rock, post punk, noise rock and even drone-y psychedelic.

The Gluts Estasi

Fuzz Club Records is home to a few artists I discovered during FensePost’s big hiatus including The Cult of Dom Kellar. They’ve also released works by Goat, Bardo Pond, The Orange Revival, and more.

Check out the band’s website here.

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