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Butchers & Bakers: Brunch (MP3 Review)

Butchers And Bakers

From Brooklyn comes Butchers & Bakers, a quartet that clashes 90s girl group rock vocals of artists like Sleater Kinney and Rainer Maria with the laid-back, modern electricity of current pseudo-electronic rock/pop groups. “Brunch”, the lead and title track on the band’s new single, features a punchy guitar riff, laid back vocals and a melodic, surreal keyboard. There are a lot of influences and styles going on in “Brunch” and it makes for a sound quite interesting and unique.

The band recently released a video for “Brunch” and it features overlapping footage in black-and-white. The footage focuses on lead singer Rebecca Keith with burry opaque shots of the rest of the band. Check out the track and video below and look for the band’s new single with B-side “Emulator.”

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