Wimps’ Debut LP is out Now

Wimps (The Band)

Drop in whatever label you want, Wimps are awesome. The Seattle three-piece featuring guitarist Rachel Ratner (Butts, Partman Parthorse), bassist Matt Nyce (Meth Teeth) and drummer Dave Ram (The Intelligence) creates crazy punk songs with little infectious pop sensibilities thrown in a a huge ol’ bonus.

Their lyrics are wild and a bit neurotic. Take “Stop Having Fun” as a prime example: I got a long face / That’s because I’m a horse and It’s the time of the month / For you to shut up. Add in incessant repetition, punk guitar riffs and wild percussion and you get a sense that this trio is a bit raucous and totally nuts.

One of my favorite blogs, Finest Kiss, wrote about Wimps in early February:

I saw Wimps back in November open for Wax Idols and the Terry Malts. They rocked like they already knew what the hell they were doing even though I think that it was only their first or second show… It’s punk rock the way it use to be; short, sharp and loud.

You totally get that impression when listening to “Stop Having Fun” and it continues on the equally brief “Nap”. You can check out their five-song demo on bandcamp – I recommend “Time Suck”. I also recommend grabbing their new LP Repeat on End Of Time Records (an epic twelve songs at 24 minutes).

Listening to songs like the “Repeat” demo, I’m continually reminded of Seattle and Pacific Northwest punk bands from the mid/late 90s and super early 00s. Check out “Stop Having Fun” and “Nap” off Repeat below:

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