Orcas: Arrow Drawn (Video)


Orcas is the collaborative project of Benoît Pioulard and The Sight Below. True to the nature of both artists, both “Carrion” and “Arrow Drawn” are hazy, minimalist pop songs, inherently dreamy and obscure. Its curious balance between ambiance and resonance makes this band both mysterious and endearing.

For those unfamiliar, Benoît Pioulard is Portland-based artist Thomas Meluch and The Sight Below is Seattle-based composer Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Orcas has released a new video for “Arrow Drawn” it fits almost too perfectly with the sound Orcas creates. The band meshes bright colors, overlapping video and kaleidoscope imagery. Unlike “Carrion”, this tune features an infusion of dreamy, harmony vocals.

Both “Carrion” and “Arrow Drawn” can be found on Orcas’s nine-song, self-titled LP (Morr Music. Grab the mp3 of the former and watch a video of the latter below:

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