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Roch: Lightweight Bipolar Mania [Album Review]


Hip Hop music has less than subtly switched gears from it’s former peddling of brassed out beats over rhythms that are either clever, vulgar, captivating, or all of the above. No, now days hip hop has been branded with a real artistic revolution, as well as some fine examples of diversity by adding elements of R&B, electronica, and even a bit of indie rock in the mix. And a stellar combination of all these elements can be found perfectly on Light Weight Bipolar Mania from the spectacular wordsmith and soul man known as Roch!

Uriel J Winfree III, a.k.a. Roch, has pulled a Cee Lo and moved out behind the shadows that being in a rap group can sometimes cast. And just as Mr. Green did, he has proven himself a stellar gentlemanly addition to the the world of multi-talented musicians. Whether he is mixing ballads and flow on the girl gettin’ “Something To Tell Ya”, or turning indie rock worthy sounds into harrowing tales of solace and fear on “Dracula’s Widow” or “Another Heart Break”, the man has a groove that is without a doubt impressive and absolutely admirable.

What Roch has done on Light Weight Bipolar Mania is absolutely stunning. His rhythms are tight. He’s choruses are sweet. Even the acoustic guitar beats he manages to sneak into what might be just a regular R&B song is superior to so many of those who have figuratively come before him. The distinct abilities of Roch reflect great credit about those who have defended hip hop as a real means of conveying emotion through such a stylistic form of expressions. Feast your eyes people. This is what you have been waiting for!

Listen: “Dracula’s Widow” by Roch
[audio:110513-draculas-widow.mp3|titles=Dracula’s Widow|artists=Roch]

Listen: “Another Heart Break” by Roch
[audio:110513-roch-another-heart-break.mp3|titles=Another Heart Break|artists=Roch]


[CD, 2011]

1. Lightweight Bipolar Mania
2. Beautiful Curse
3. Something To Tell Ya
4. Hard Times
5. No More Stars
6. On Everything Lude
7. Another Heartbreak
8. Dracula’s Widow
9. Lace You
10. Visionary
11. Nothing

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