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The Memorials: The Memorials [Album Review]


No one can, or should even try to, deny that Thomas Pridgen is to drums what Mick Portnoy believes he is to drums. His track record speaks for itself. But, who would have thought that, after leaving The Mars Volta, this prestigious man would go beyond his self and develop his own project that would go on a hunt for that long lost thing we used to call rock n roll. His year old project, The Memorials might just be a strange bit of Alice Cooper meets Jimi Hendrix, with a Blondie-esque lead songstress. Now, that’s pretty damn rock n’ roll.

Once you discover what the acronym titled track “GTFOMF” means on their self titled debut album, it will likely be the first track you want to hear. If you don’t have the sense to figure it out right away, check it out first. You will not be disappointed. Lead singer Viveca Hawkins sounds off the hardest on the Andrew W.K. worthy track “Let’s Party”. But, it is on the full and competent cut “Westcoast” that we hear the full blown talents of guitarist Nick Brewer and The Memorials’ ring leader Prigden. And please, do not pass up the funk blazed and Martin Luther King inspired cut “Dream”. It’s beyond anything you could expect.

The Memorials are a very special group. They don’t exactly fit in any sort of category for this day and age. This is absolutely perfect for this day and age. This is an age where even the most estranged bit of indie music can become a tired and complacent sense of reality; there are very few true examples of down to earth rock and roll musicians. This triumphant threesome might very well be the prime example of what it means to be a hard rocking outfit in these confusing times.


[CD, 2011]

1. We Go To War
2. Natural Disaster
3. Day Dreamer
4. Let’s Party
5. Westcoast
6. Dream
8. Real
9. Born To Shine
10. Enough
11. Why Me
12. Give Me The Stuff
13. I Remember You

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