Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Sink / Let It Sway [Video]


It’s funny how certain songs or bands can bring back memories from long ago, hidden away and almost forgotten. When I think of Books by Belle & Sebastian, I will forever remember Andi and my road trip from Washington to Albuquerque. We spun “Your Cover’s Blown” at least 50 times. On a similar note, when I think of the band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, I will forever remember that first Daytrotter session they did, way back in 2006.

In their latest, a video for “Sink / Let It Sway”, the crew dons an assortment of masks and initially goes for a wild “Sabatoge” like run. But instead of a Beastie Boys classic, we’re treated to a lovable, bouncy pop song. They lose the masks and keep running. All they do is run and jump, and you wouldn’t think it but it’s quite brilliant. Ultimately it turns to them performing before bowing out with a good old shot of H.W. Bush’s mask. “Sink / Let It Sway” is probably the best thing we’ve heard from SSLYBY since that early favorite, “Oregon Girl”.

Download “Sing / Let It Sway” from Polyvinyl for the cost of an email address.

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