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House Of Bread: Don’t Be Shy [mp3]


Superhuman Tomb by House Of Bread will consume you if you let it. And you will be tempted to let it. The album blends two distinct styles of pop, one a haze-filled noise and the other packed with dreamy synths. “Don’t Be Shy” finds a comfortable middle ground, incorporating both by beginning with pleasantly swooning synths before closing out with a masterful noisy guitar.

You’ll find this band doing a lot of that — most songs on the album blend the two styles in some manner. It makes House Of Bread’s music unique, this fuzzy-pop meets electro-pop sound they’ve mastered. And while some songs lean toward the experimental, the solid ones like “Don’t Be Shy” keep Superhuman Tomb grounded in reality, albeit a barely lucid one on the verge of being swept into a mystical dreamland.

Download: “Don’t Be Shy” by House Of Bread
[audio:101221-house-of-bread-dont-be-shy.mp3|titles=Don’t Be Shy|artists=House Of Bread]

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