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The Gentle Guest: Cast Off Your Human Form [Album Review]


It’s hard to tell what is more impressive – The Gentle Guest themselves, or that this incredibly unique form of Americana Punk could even be done, let alone perfected. On their sophomore release Cast Off Your Human Form, the Guest bring their circus themed hysteria to the folk world like a roman candle shot into it’ skin. Their incredible upbeat and lyrically oriented collection of backwoods and dark alley friendly songs are a surprisingly fresh mixing of genres you might have never expected.

The highlight track from Cast Off Your Human Form, is without a doubt the electrifying cut “Judgment”. With in your face lyrics like “We’re going to turn this fucking world on its end tonight, look at me Ma I’ve finally seen the light”, their power is undeniable. But, it’s when the boys break it down, let the piano ride, and ask that you raise up your God damned glass on a track like “Bravado and Pine” that the true essence and Country influence of The Gentle Guest is most obvious and comforting in its complexity. And it’s hard to deny the power of the slightly eerie sing-a-long “Who Is Gonna Love You”. The eeriness alone will have you tapping your feet and pouring whiskey like a fine wine down your throat.

To hear The Gentle Guest, is to hear the sands of time being spread by a trapeze artist dressed in Cowboy clothes. Their own brand of alternative natured country/folk is genuine in its contributions to bringing the old fan dangled spirit of the old western world to the modern one. And Cast Off Your Human Form is a songbook from the past, littered with stories that desperately needed to be told.

Download: “Judgment” by The Gentle Guest
[audio:100924-the-gentle-guest-judgment.mp3|titles=Judgment|artists=The Gentle Guest]


Amble Down [CD, 2010]

1. Rumor Mill
2. To Pay The Piper
3. Judgment
4. Laughing Bells
5. Death, She Comes
6. Bravado and Pine
7. Scatter The Ashes
8. Who Is Gonna Love You
9. The Loaded Gun
10. Modern Gods
11. Just You Wait
12. The Morning Star

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