J Minus: Congratulations, You Suck [Video]


The art of storytelling through song has long been a time honored tradition. There are critics out there who believe that a song does not have to have to have an emotional attachment for it to be art. But, after listening to a few tracks from J Minus, those obnoxious syncs, although they shouldn’t be completely disregarded, will seem to make no sense. Songwriter Dylan Fant has created something that is absolutely integral to the music world, and an anomaly to the new age of alternative music. J Minus is the reincarnated spirit of art pop that has been missed since the days of bands like Cracker and Toad The Wet Sprocket.

On the band’s highlight single “Congratulations, You Suck”, from their latest album Devil Music, the guys epitomize exactly why they are so adorably uncanny and unadulterated in their acoustic pop stylings. And the claymation video (animated and directed by Fant himself) is a touchingly funny tribute to the beautiful tunes J-Minus have become known for throughout their hometown of Seattle and the greater Northwest in general. The attention to detail in this video is extremely impressive. And the seemingly impromptu acting of Jennifer Newberry as the angry girlfriend trying desperately to rid yourself of the pain of falling in love with a ball of clay will definitely make you smile. The entire spirit of this video seems to be perfectly on key with the spirit of this fantastic group that gives it all they have in order to remain prominent expression lists of these dreary times.

Head over to the J Minus website to find out how you can download 15 (yes, 15!) free tracks from the bands previous works. And don’t be afraid to drop a little bit of cash on Devil Music, (Or get all three of their records for an astonishingly low price). But, it’s safe to say that after all these freebies, you will surely be a fan and your support will definitely come!

Download: “Congratulations, You Suck” by J Minus
[audio:100921-j-minus-congratulations-you-suck.mp3|titles=Congratulations You Suck|artists=J Minus]

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