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The Loomis Fargo Gang: Humans, Nature and Human Nature [Album Review]


Few albums can capture the mysterious nature of a dream as well as Humans, Nature, and Human Nature by Virginia Beach’s The Loomis Fargo Gang. Somewhere on the teetering edge between psychedelic pop and shoegaze, and flirting occasionally with classical and indie pop, this band creates music that is inundated with beauty and unadulterated talent. Often bizarre, occasionally heartbreaking, but always radiant with excellence.

Introspective and ethereal, most songs are constructed with hazy, unique intros that fade into light melodies split between emotive and playful vocals. “Summer, Where Have You Gone?” is the perfect song for today, as we slip into fall, and “I Miss You” is a tear-jerking tribute to a lost love. Tracks like “The Human Drama” are bouncy, while others have a folk shuffle, a joyous pop melody, or are completely, one-hundred-percent dreamy.

There’s a lot going on here; the first three songs all pull from various genres — occasionally different ones at that — yet they are connected in a way that is hard to describe but cohesive and intertwined with similarity. Humans, Nature, and Human Nature is artsy in a classic folk-pop way, dreamy to its core, and intensely playful. There really is nothing like The Loomis Fargo Gang.

Download: “Summer, Where Have You Gone?” by The Loomis Fargo Gang
[audio:100913-loomis-fargo-gang-summer-where-have-you-gone.mp3|titles=Summer Where Have You Gone?|artists=The Loomis Fargo Gang]


1. You Used To Be A Tree
2. Summer, Where Have You Gone?
3. I Sleep ‘Til Noon
4. Alone
5. I Miss You
6. The Human Drama
7. The Grass Is Greener
8. Sun, Flower, Seed
9. The Great Scapegoat
10. The Moon And Me
11. Everybody’s Changed

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