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The Jesus Rehab: The Highest Highs And The Lowest Lows [Album Review]


Once you move past their name which comes a close third in brilliant hilarity behind the likes of Test Icicles and The Dead Kenny G’s, The Jesus Rehab are beyond what you would expect. With a name like that, you might expect a sassy post punk explosion of anger and atheism. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, The Highest Highs and Lowest Lows comes out softly, proclaiming beautiful indie pop with a hint of acoustic glee that measures up nicely to The Modern Skirts, or Belle & Sebastian on a Benzedrine trip.

Tastier than a midnight cigarette, The Jesus Rehab move through a bevy of emotions that range from being lyrically driven and extra catchy tracks such as “Memories Are Better Than Photographs”, all the way down to the tambourine worthy acoustic gem “Seattle” which is less of an ode to the Emerald City, and more of an declaration of independence from the strains of love. And everywhere throughout The Highest Highs and The Lowest Lows you will find nothing but bubble wrapped pop music with a hidden edge that hits you harder than Crispin Cider.

This quartet of boys from Ballard sure does know how to rock to say the least. Their energy is not only inspirational, but utterly desirable. With all the crazy shit coming from the upper Northwest these days, it’s very exciting to hear such a down to earth bunch of pranksters pulling off some simple of excellent indie pop that proves an age old point – you can be down to earth, as well as a true group of artists.

Download: “If It Feels Good It Is Good” by The Jesus Rehab
[audio:100817-jesus-rehab-if-it-feels-good-it-is-good.mp3|titles=If It Feels Good It Is Good|artists=The Jesus Rehab]

Download: “Nervous Energy” by The Jesus Rehab
[audio:100817-jesus-rehab-nervous-energy.mp3|titles=Nervous Energy|artists=The Jesus Rehab]


[CD, 2010]

1. Introduction
2. If It Feels Good It Is Good
3. Memories Are Better Than Photographs
4. Behind Closed Doors
5. Osmosis
6. Nervous Energy
7. Alone By Myself
8. Running In Place
9. Seattle
10. The Highest Highs & Lowest Lows
11. Reprise

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  1. Just listened to If It Feels Good It Is Good. Very poppy and catchy in a Beatles sort-of-way with sing-along lyrics. I’m hooked! and will probably be stuck on it for the rest of the week.

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