Panda Riot: Motown Glass [Video]


Contrary to your own beliefs, whatever they may be, I feel that shoegaze is, more often than not, a very visual style of music. That’s why select bands choose to accompany the music with visual elements. This trait lends itself to music videos. Panda Riot mixes their shoegaze with indie pop, emphasizing a domineering, precocious drum machine beat accompanied with playful female vocals.

Like their music, Panda Riot mixes various elements on their music video for “Motown Glass”, from black and white sketches and band performances, to colorful pixelated images. The video is light and relaxed, filled with the surreal, dream-like nature one would expect from a shoegaze-based indie pop song.

The music, as noted, centers around vocals and the drum machine – this nature lends itself to a trip-hop reference, and reminds me a bit of early Cock & Swan. But in the background are spacey pop noises that subtly hint and and underlying pop dream. They’re upbeat but mysterious, contemplative, oddly complacent. “Motown Glass” is playful but conscious and mature. This, folks, is good stuff.

Download: “Julie In Time” by Panda Riot
[audio:100816-panda-riot-julie-in-time.mp3|titles=Julie In Time|artists=Panda Riot]

Download: “Streetlights And You And Me” by Panda Riot
[audio:100816-panda-riot-streetlights-and-you-and-me.mp3|titles=Streetlights And You And Me|artists=Panda Riot]

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