Brass Bed [Feature]


I haven’t received news from Park The Van for some time, or maybe I have and it just hasn’t caught my attention. Enter Brass Bed, whose blend of folk and pop and rock sounds vaguely familiar yet is quite fresh. Ah, that’s it – I hear a hint of the masters like Television and a Elephant 6 buried somewhere in those guitar riffs and eerie vocals. Brass Bed has the sound of 1960s pop mixed with modern pop sensibilities, and you can’t go wrong with that.

“Begs Me Not To Beg” sounds like it could have been written by Minus 5, yet has the early pop sound of bands like Essex Green and Elf Power. “Pop Mission” starts with noisy guitars and muffled vocals, a slight change but one that suits the band well. Whether they are frolicking in the lighter eras of pop or hinting at a garage influence, Brass Bed is sure to please; a welcome addition to Park The Van.

Brass Bed is getting ready to release Melt White via Park The Van later next month (September 21), and they’ve made a few tracks from that record available to spread around.

Download: “Begs Me Not To Beg” by Brass Bed
[audio:100806-brass-bed-begs-me-not-to-beg.mp3|titles=Begs Me Not To Bed|artists=Brass Bed]

Download: “Pop Mission” by Brass Bed
[audio:100806-brass-bed-pop-mission.mp3|titles=Pop Mission|artists=Brass Bed]

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