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Son of the Sun: The Happy Loss [Album Review]

Son of the Sun

Do you have an itch in your neck for some old-school-influenced, void filling, and harmony driven rock and roll? Are you looking to show your father some “new shit” that he might very well approve of? Well, look no further than Son of the Sun‘s debut full length album The Happy Loss. Joseph Stocker and Zak Ward, masterminds behind the operation, have a strange sensibility to themselves when it comes to creating the constantly sought “wall of sound” that so many musicians strive to create.

The album’s highlight track, “The Other Side”, would fit amazingly well on your iTunes playlist between Jefferson Airplane and Rush (many fathers’ favorite for some strange reason). The track clocks in at an even 3 minutes, pulls out a touch of surf rock into the well-timed equation, and is an overall joy to endure. The equally catchy, and just as enjoyable quick cut, “Get Together”, might be a bit more updated for dear old Dad with it’s out-of-the-ordinary pop-punk feel. The overall playlist for The Happy Loss is solid. Son of the Sun have a keen understanding of the benefits of guitar-driven harmonies and tantalizing keyboard euphoria.

This New York based band of not so-contemporaries might just be what the mainstream world needs right now. These could very well be the guys that knock Kings of Leon back down off the pedestal the no longer deserve after their latest travesties (pretentious? maybe; whatever). But, when it comes to pure-hearted and perfectly obtuse rock and roll, The Happy Loss hits the proverbial rock dolphin right on the bottle nose of potential mass appeal.

Download: “The Other Side” by Son Of The Sun
[audio:100707-son-of-the-sun-other-side.mp3|titles=The Other Side|artists=Son Of The Sun]

Download: “Get Together” by Son Of The Sun
[audio:100707-son-of-the-sun-get-together.mp3|titles=Get Together|artists=Son Of The Sun]


[CD, 2010]

1. The Good Ole’ Days
2. The Other Side
3. How Can It Be?
4. Leopard Print
5. Get Together
6. Keys (Last Call)
7. April Fools
8. The Franklin
9. Stay The Same
10. Tell Me

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