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The Young Sinclairs: We Spoke Our Minds EP [Album Review]

The Young Sinclairs

After only a few short months, The Young Sinclairs return with We Spoke Our Minds EP. Chiming in at four songs and just under 10 minutes, the new EP again references the band’s predilection toward 60s psychedelic pop and folk artists like The Byrds, and their love of adding in more modern roots like those found on early Essex Green records. Listening to title track “We Spoke Our Minds” and track 3 “Girl I’m For Real”, don’t be embarrassed if you have to look back to their recent Songs Of The Young Sinclairs LP. Both sound so familiar that they could easily have been pulled from there. (However, they were not.)

With the brief time between their previous LP and this EP, it’s no wonder that this band is often dubbed as one of the most prolific artists of our time. It’s also no surprise that their members have put together some pretty amazing music on their own — their bands include Eternal Summers and 63 Crayons. Yet The Young Sinclairs continually create consistent jangly pop music with an emphasis on tambourine and cymbals in the percussion, and an always upbeat, always 60s vocal tenor.

We Spoke Our Minds again proves that The Young Sinclairs is one today’s best bands.

Download: “Girl I’m For Real” by The Young Sinclairs
[audio:100628-the-young-sinclairs-girl-im-for-real.mp3|titles=Girl I’m For Real|artists=The Young Sinclairs]

The Young Sinclairs: We Spoke Our Minds EP

Planting Seeds Records [CDEP, 2010]

1. We Spoke Our Minds
2. You Can Have Her
3. Girl I’m For Real
4. Have A Home

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