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Collider: Strobos EP [Album Review]


Fresh off the buzz of their last EP, BBM, Collider has once again come out swinging with their own brand of 90’s influenced fuzz pop. Strobos EP is their third release to date, and is quite frankly a subtle, yet very well organized jump forward in their progression as artists. In the true spirit of the band’s hometown, San Francisco, the guys have taken a real DIY approach by releasing this frenzied and furious digital EP all on their own. This could arguably be considered the City Lights Books version of indie pop artistic expression.

“!Ex Ex!” is without a doubt the most exciting track on Strobos EP with its sporadic hints of electronic madness, and old school alternative rock hype notes. But, the hidden gem on Collider’s third release is without a doubt the keyboard riddled “Take Off”. It’s a song of struggle and the pain of loss through a tremendously catchy hook and a triumphant rhythm section that hits harder than a tsunami in Japan. Each track on this EP has its own personality and an utter discontent for mediocrity that is unparalleled.

It is quite the treat to have a band like Collider be so easily accessible. They really play their asses off just for the sake of creating intense, blood curdling indie pop that the world should enjoy. Their Bandcamp site is filled with a couple dozen tracks that can be yours for the taking at the low, low cost of free. The Strobos EP is a must-have for the experimentalist we all like to think is buried somewhere deep inside our overtly pretentious hearts and minds. Collier could easily become your favorite band’s favorite band.

Download: “Take Off” by Collider
[audio:100629-collider-take-off.mp3|titles=Take Off|artists=Collider]

Download: “!Ex Ex!” by Collider
[audio:100629-collider-ex-ex.mp3|titles=!Ex Ex!|artists=Collider]

Collider: Strobos

[Digital EP, 2010]

1. Amarind Sashes
2. Schemes
3. !Ex Ex!
4. Take Off
5. V-K Test
6. Glory Lights
7. Separate / Return

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