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Lille: Tall Shoulders EP [Album Review]


Oh, to be young again. Better yet, to be young, talented and full of promise. No, we’re not talking about a NCAA basketball prodigy. We are talking about Grace Bellury, a.k.a. Lille (like the French city, pronounced “Leel”). This Atlanta native, in your short existence, has a voice that sends chills down the back of your neck with a pleasurable burn more powerful than a vampire in sunlight (one that burns, not sparkles). At 18 years old, this songstress has debuted herself perfectly with her first EP, Tall Shoulders.

The self titled cut, “Tall Shoulders”, is a pure and genuine confession of one woman’s pain and love felt in only a quarter of the 21 grams our heart weighs in at. It is a story of hope, and growth. Eventually there will come a time when her age won’t be of any importance. But, for now, we’ll just stick to the idea that it is very impressive how much tragedy and hope this young lady is able to conjure up into a very respectable and enjoyable song.

Though Tall Shoulders consists mainly of small folk ditties, the indie pop track “Blue Coat Boy” sticks out as a showcase sort of experimentation we will likley hear from Lille in the future.

Bellury distinguishes herself through a strange metamorphosis that contains a sweltering and impeccable set of vocal chords, a knack for songwriting, and a special enlightenment when it comes to artistic creativity and ingenuity. Tall Shoulders is, at its very least, a wonderful beginning to a career that his sure to be long and prosperous.

Download: “Tall Shoulders” by Lille
[audio:100607-lille-tall-shoulders.mp3|titles=Tall Shoulders|artists=Lille]


Whale Heart Records [CDEP, 2010]

1. Straw
2. Robert Cohn
3. Melanchlorea
4. Tall Shoulders
5. Blue Coat Boy

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