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Math & Physics Club: Jimmy Had A Polaroid [mp3]

Math & Physics Club

It’s been a hair under three years since the last proper Math & Physics Club release, an EP titled Baby I’m Yours, and just about four since their debut and only LP, 2006’s Math & Physics Club. Prior to the so-called hiatus, the band had been quite busy, also participating in a single compilation in ’06 and two additional EPs back in ’05. One might have gotten the impression the band was no more. Thankfully, they would have been wrong. The band is back with a new album titled I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do, and tagging along is a new drummer — Chris Mac, owner of Jigsaw Records and IndiePages and former guitarist of Suretoss and percussionist of Patients Please.

The sound of “Jimmy Had A Polaroid” is familiar, maintaining that light pop sound one can liken to the nerdy kid in big glasses, tight-knit sweaters, and the inevitable brainy book under the arm (and likely a fair share of records stashed at home by favorites like Belle & Sebastian and Elvis Costello and perhaps even Burt Bacharach). Despite the lengthy time since the band’s prior release, the sound is the same, save a slightly higher emphasis on bass (Ethan Jones) and Mac’s percussion. Remaining tried and true are Charles Bert’s soft, romantic vocals and guitarist James Werle’s playful, plucked jangle. It’s worth a listen… or five.

“Jimmy Had A Polaroid” can be found on I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do, out now on Matinee Recordings. The label also released a single of the song, so don’t forget to pick that one up too!

Download: “Jimmy Had A Polaroid” by Math & Physics Club
[audio:100605-mapc-jimmy-had-a-polaroid.mp3|titles=Jimmy Had A Polaroid|artists=Math & Physics Club]

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