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Magic Bullets: Magic Bullets [Album Review]

Magic Bullets

From the first moments of Magic Bullets‘ self-titled LP, one is taken back a quarter century on a journey into the music of The Smiths. No, Magic Bullets do not cover the famed band, but to say they were influenced by Moz’s early entourage is an understatement. Magic Bullets pack on the indie pop jangle and provide Moz-ish obscure, melodramatic vocal hooks that make you want to dig those Smiths records out for a spin on the ol’ turntable.

There are plenty of wandering bass lines and hyper-upbeat drum beats to bring the Smiths reference full circle while tossing in reference to similar era groups like Orange Juice. True to their influence, songs like “Lying Around” and “Sigh The Day Away” will get under your skin with one part foot-tapping and one part cower away in a depressive doom. Magic Bullets have mastered the continuously manic/depressive songwriting style, and they display it proudly on their sleeves on their self-titled LP.

The band just released a single for “Lying Around” on Mon Amie and will be releasing Magic Bullets in June.

Download: “Lying Around” by Magic Bullets
[audio:100525-magic-bullets-lying-around.mp3|titles=Lying Around|artists=Magic Bullets]

Magic Bullets: Magic Bullets

Mon Amie Records [CD, 2010]

1. A Day Not So Far Off
2. They Wrote A Song About You
3. Pretend & Descend
4. Lying Around
5. Young Shoulders
6. Red Room
7. On Top Of The World
8. A Name Sits Heaviest On My Heart
9. Millions Of People Running Around
10. China Beach
11. Sigh The Day Away

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