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Collider: BBM EP [Album Review]


Collider is a band that just plain rocks. And it’s worthy to say that 16 years ago they would have been considered “buzz worthy”. With their latest EP, BBM, these guys blend modern indie rock with 90’s low key yet sultry alternative that is reminiscent of groups like Primitive Radio Gods and Everything But The Girl. These San Francisco-based rockers have a sound that is as cool as flannel and Matt Dillon were back then.

Collider’s modern influence is most obvious on the single “Time Concerns”. They’re happy attitude bleeds through their indie pop masculinaty. “Big Bang Machine” cuts the rhythmic veins of BBM‘s prevorbial wrists a little deeper in the opposite direction of albums blood flow with an electronic and almost spaced out attitude. But, their ability to take you on a time warp faster than a Delorian back to the simpler days of Clinton and grunge. When the world was in a state of depression, simply because it was the coolest place you could let your mind wander off towards.

Indie pop is such a generic term for such an outrageous genre of music. Their are so many tantalizing aspects and creative tools to be used with only a minimal amount of time on a track. Shoving all this goodness into a few minutes seems as though it might be pretty tough. But Collider seems to make it work with every song. It’s likely they don’t even know how well they do it. Or that they could even fall into such a category. Or maybe they don’t fall into that category at all. Maybe it’s just destiny. Or maybe they just rock exactly as they want to and have created something pretty damn great in the process. Maybe.

Download: “The Grid Goes Down Tonight” by Collider
[audio:100519-collider-grid-goes-down-tonight.mp3|titles=The Grid Goes Down Tonight|artists=Collider]

Download: “Time Concerns” by Collider
[audio:100519-collider-time-concerns.mp3|titles=Time Concerns|artists=Collider]

Collider: BBM EP

[Digital EP, 2009]

1. The Grid Goes Down Tonight
2. Back Rooms
3. Take A Stress Pill
4. MCL
5. Time Concerns
6. High On Blue Tomorrows
7. Big Bang Machine
8. Modern Ends

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