Awesome Color: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 73

Awesome Color

Now, I’ve never been to Detroit, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard things. Things like the astounding number of vacant homes, and how the bears are beginning roam freely within city limits. With the abandonment from the auto industry, it seems like there would be plenty of time to sit around and drink beer. I don’t know much about the background of Awesome Color, but it certainly seems a viable direction — for three grizzly, grimy dudes to decide to channel their collective energy wrought from the gray, dreary city into some sludgy sort of garage rock.

And maybe Detroit is starting to flourish again, much in the way Mt. St. Helens is beginning to shows signs of plant and animal life. Maybe things are returning and there’s promise and hope. Who knows? Certainly not I. But what I do know is that Awesome Color is, well, pretty awesome. And that makes Detroit more than alright in my book.

Awesome Color hit Viva Radio’s Me + You studio fairly recently and their session airs today on Viva Radio, the Internet’s most excellent online-only radio station (especially now that WOXY’s sadly defunct). Here’s a little note from the Viva Radio blog about the session…


Loveable they are, this power trio. The tunes are infectious, the tones are infected, and there is just something incredibly down to earth about these 3 individuals who end up producing music that is at times out of this world. Maybe it’s bass player Michael Troutman’s dreads? Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’re from Detroit!


Yes, Tedward goes all out on the Michigan references here, which the Awesome’rs are more than eager to indulge. It does lend to a very comfortable sounding session though…

So, with a thoroughly entertaining interview and four solid, solid songs off of their upcoming Massa Hypnos LP, which comes to you on April 6th thru Ecstatic Peace!, this is a highly recommended Me + You!

Viva Radio’s Me + You have given us permission to provide you a sample from the session. Check out the song “IOU” below, and visit Me+You for the full session. You can also see a video from the session below. It airs today, Monday, March 22nd, at noon.

Please do not re-host this mp3, but feel free to link to this post and to Viva Radio’s Me+You

Download: “IOU (Live at Viva Radio’s Me+You)” by Awesome Color
[audio:100329-awesome-color-IOU.mp3|titles=IOU (Live at Viva Radio’s Me+You)|artists=Awesome Color]

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