Robot Science [Feature]


With upwards of 50 emails that arrive in my inbox per day, it becomes quite difficult to amass the sheer quantities of music at my doorstep at any particular moment in time. There are moments when finding the correct gem is mere happenstance; at other times, something draws my attention. Robot Science fit into the latter category with an email title that quite accurately and entertainingly described the music contained within: the subject line read Free beepy boopy music for your blog! Needless to say, I was intrigued.

Robot Science is Charlie Yin of San Jose, and his electronic music is instrumental, upbeat and filled with enough of beepy boopy sounds to draw forth a sizable smile while simultaneously putting all who listen into a dreamy colorful calm. It’s easy to fall in love with songs like “The Notion Of Backwards Motion” and “Swimming Through Waves”; they’re filled with an undeniable emotive joy. Both songs are off Yin’s new album, Square, which is available for free download on his bandcamp site. But you should do Charlie a favor and donate a little dough with your download. Robot Science certainly warrants it.

Robot Science: Swimming Through Waves [mp3]
[audio:100203-robot-science-swimming-through-waves.mp3|titles=Swimming Through Waves|artists=Robot Science]

Robot Science: The Notion Of Backwards Motion [mp3]
[audio:100203-robot-science-the-notion-of-backwards-motion.mp3|titles=The Notion Of Backwards Motion|artists=Robot Science]

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