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Lars Ludvig Löfgren: Heterochromia [Album Review]


There’s something a little off-kilter about Lars Ludvig Löfgren and his album Heterochromia. With a base that encompasses a fairly common pop sound, he adds in an indistinct oddity that you might not notice right off the bat; it’s a trait that works well with the album title. Löfgren’s music fits the upbeat nature of pop, but often finds the beats lagging slightly, at least early on. “Canadian Maple Leafs” and “Across Your House” open the album on a laid-back note before “Round Your Heart” removes any preconceptions about the band. The song is unquestionably catchy.

The oddity: it’s something along the lines of a calm power pop. You don’t expect it, and it seems contrary to nature, but it works. There’s an appeal here, an attractiveness – it’s not necessarily unlike that conveyed by, oh, say Kate Bosworth. Along with “Round Your Heart”, “Candy Rome” and “Opportunity Knocks” completes Heterochromia‘s trio of greatness. These songs all have an immensely consistent percussion, which drives the band forward and subtly emphasizes the power pop Löfgren creates. Despite the driving force in the music, it never fails to emphasize a laid back feel – sometimes powerful, sometimes minuscule.

As Heterochromia continues, so does a realization. It will begin in your subconscious and at some point will burst forth into reality: Lars Ludvig Löfgren is a master at off-beat pop song-craft. These songs are proof this is fact. Honestly, there should be no surprise here; Löfgren is from Göteborg, Sweden, and everything I’ve heard out of there recently has been pretty amazing. It only makes sense that the music Löfgren makes, too, would be pretty amazing. Further proof: I’m not alone… popwreckoning had some good things to say about Heterochromia too.

Lars Ludvig Löfgren: Candy Rome [mp3]
[audio:100111-lars_ludvig_lofgren-candy_rome.mp3|titles=Candy Rome|artists=Lars Ludvig Löfgren]

Lars Ludvig Löfgren: Opportunity Knocks [mp3]
[audio:100111-lars_ludvig_lofgren-opportunity_knocks.mp3|titles=Opportunity Knocks|artists=Lars Ludvig Löfgren]


Häleri [CD, 2009]

1. Canadian Maple Leafs
2. Across Your House
3. Round Your Heart
4. Candy Rome
5. Give The Dog A Bone
6. Opportunity Knocks
7. It’s Ridiculous
8. Hope You’re Thinking Of Me
9. We Always Knew
10. Tiger In My Tank
11. My Kid Could Point That

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