IKONS: Slow Light [Video]


IKONS have a new album coming out on Service and it’s pretty in-your-face awesome, which is why “Guns” is playing as I type this. The song — and better yet the video — is packed with an angst-filled feeling. You know, the one that says I just want to destroy something. And that’s exactly what IKONS do in their video for “Guns”: blow stuff up.

Their new album is a self-titled one, but unlike most self-titled releases, this one comes with a declaration. They are calling it A neo-power-kraut galactic drama in three acts. If that doesn’t tickle your whatever, who knows what will. Sure, “Guns” may be pretty sweet, and “Afrika” dominates in epic greatness, but as a whole IKONS is monumental. The band consists of six individuals out of Göteborg, Sweden. As if the consistent beats and post-shoegaze noise isn’t enough, they perform live with a seventh member – a visual artist that increases the music’s hypnotic, mesmerizing capability.

“Slow Light” is IKONS’ latest video and it’s about as trance-inducing as can be. Various effects, plays on lighting, and wild staged scenes is only the tip of the iceberg. As layers overlap, one transcends into an alternate reality. The result is breathtaking.

IKONS: Afrika [mp3]

IKONS – SLOW LIGHT from Service on Vimeo.

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