The Zombies: Odessey & Oracle Revisited [DVD]


Odessey & Oracle by The Zombies is often listed as one of the most influential pop records in history, right among the greats like The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and The Beatles Revolver. Revisited is very much like any other concert DVD, except for the fact that it features the remaining original members performing the album the year of its 40th anniversary. The songs are just as great as the originals, though filtered through 40 years of experience performing and excelling the instruments they started with.

Colin Blunstone’s vocals are clean and mature – they may lack that beloved 60s lo-fi sound so Odessey & Oracle Revisited will appease those who fell in love with the album upon its original release as well as tailor to the younger fan. And Rod Argent’s keyboard in opener “I Love You” is as mind-blowing as ever. The band begins with several non Odessey & Oracle tracks before launching into the album and doing so per the original track list. After a number of non-album tracks, it’s a bit of an early climax when they hit “Care Of Cell 44”. And things just continue to build from there.

To be expected from such a DVD, there isn’t any of that documentary fluff. But there’s plenty of good banter from the group. Whether you’re a new fan, or have enjoyed their music for 40-odd years, Odessey & Oracle Revisited is a piece of memorabilia you won’t want to miss.

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