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The Honest Mistakes: Break Up [Album Review]


The Honest Mistakes have spent the last decade desperately trying to reach the high they have now been introduced upon. Break Up is the result of a name change (formerly The Chris & Joylene Show, named after the group’s founders), a two year hiatus, three years of recording, and an all-out inspirational attitude that would not allow them to simply lay back and quit. After years of riding the coat tails of completion for so long, the final product is very impressive.

Breaking up is hard to do, as the legend goes. But The Honest Mistakes found a way to make the concept pretty. With a series of low key pop ditties like “Roses” or “Take A Picture”, it might almost seem like they’re having fun. Indeed, Break Up is probably much more personal than one could really know, but it doesn’t void the listener from connecting with the tunes on their own level – a sign of intelligent songwriting. And co-founder/writer Chris Ehrich is obviously hip to said facts that create a pretty song.

The Honest Mistakes have been known to consider themselves “a band out of time” which is ironic considering whenever it seemed as though they were physically running out of time to put this record out, they pulled themselves out from the confrontations of the real world and put together their finest work to date. This is a band that is constantly striving to create songs that tantalize the heart and leave audiences feeling better after hearing them rock. I feel it’s safe to say The Honest Mistakes shall continue to succeed.

The Honest Mistakes: Roses [mp3]
[audio:100104-the-honest-mistakes-roses.mp3|titles=Roses|artists=The Honest Mistakes]

The Honest Mistakes: Take A Picture [mp3]
[audio:100104-the-honest-mistakes-take-a-picture.mp3|titles=Take A Picture|artists=The Honest Mistakes]


The Beechfields Record Label [CD, 2010]

1. Break Up
2. Feel Good
3. Roses
4. Long Way Around
5. Sidekick
6. Stay
7. Take A Picture
8. If It Isn’t Me
9. Tell Everybody
10. Welcome Home

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