Rajiv Patel [Feature Artist]


Watching Rajiv Patel perform live is like watching a chemist develop everlasting cures. His “bath-time friendly” instrumentals brush past his fingertips with perfect precision and a tremendous sense of duty to the music he loves and cherishes. Upbeat, yet extremely mellow, there is a strange sense of strong-willed humanity in his sound. It’s as if a charismatic storm of ingenuity hovers over this eccentric but well-rounded guitarist’s head.

This Mesa, Arizona native is fresh off an extensive tour with extremely vocal indie rockers Kinch and Dear & The Headlights. If Rajiv Patel’s music seems out of place among such loud acts, with kicking drum and bass, you might be right. But, the power of the music feeds through such an aggressive persistence that all doubt is lost when you see him perform this signature style. It’s as if his thoughts are always five or six chords ahead of what he is playing, which leads to a splendid flow of medley and a spirited interpretation of life and it’s eternal beauty.

This is the fresh cigarette on a Sunday morning or, if you prefer, the black coffee for the unsurpassed rain. This is just plain wonderful.

Rajiv Patel: The Wheat Looks Good This Year [mp3]
[audio:091210-rajiv_patel-the_wheat_looks_good_this_year.mp3|titles=The Wheat Looks Good This Year|artists=Rajiv Patel]

Rajiv Patel: Rock N Roll Friends Check Each Other’s Books Back In [mp3]
[audio:091210-rajiv_patel-rock_n_roll_friends_check_each_others_books_back_in.mp3|titles=Rock N Roll Friends Check Each Others Books Back In|artists=Rajiv Patel]

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