Little Big Adventure: Happiest Times [Video]


Here’s an amazing little video by Sweden’s Little Big Adventure. True to the band’s name, “Happiest Times” features a man on a journey in the more unconventional of senses. What makes this a good video is the near eerie way it progresses, with time sped up and a good concept: the character moves forward on his stomach with flowers and a briefcase, a wanderer roaming the countryside.

He has a mission, but you can tell he’s a bit confused, or maybe lost. When he pauses, you can see real emotion, even with the double-time video speed. And the song itself lends greatly to the video, as it should. “Happiest Times” dons the signature Little Big Adventure vocal sadness and electronic backing that make LBA unique.

“Happiest Times” can be found on The Hateful Eye EP, out now on Labrador Records.

Little Big Adventure: Happiest Times [mp3]
[audio:091201-little_big_adventure-happiest_times.mp3|titles=Happiest Times|artists=Little Big Adventure]

Little Big Adventure “Happiest times” from Labrador Records on Vimeo.

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