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Gary B & The Notions: The New Twist & Shout [Album Review]


The term “WTF” was thankfully not accessible when Elvis Costello emerged so many years ago. But, in his beginning stages, it probably would have applied. Thankfully, the artistic revolution happend, and he became a household name. And with this, some brilliant performers were surely to draw influence. One act would be Gary B & The Notions and their gem of an album The New Twist & Shout. Influence, yes. Copycat, definitely not. They simply stir up a 50’s pop style with a new age rock mentality to create barroom classics that will assist you in drowning yourself alongside your pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Gary B has a knack for songwriting as far as lyrics are concerned. He knows what a love song is supposed to be about: love. Simple, but quite a few musicians seems to forget that. He also knows how to bring out the sort of punk spirit of his aforementioned predecessor. But, the most impressive spirit this cool ass cat and his Notions possesses is the power of introduction. They keep the songs short, but never fail to lengthen an intro to get your foot tapping and good-time feelings in gear. “Give Me One Reason” is a perfect example of such ingenuity.

Baltimore native Gary B is a truly unique individual and he has found a brilliant team in The Notions. They bring a splendid demonstration of perfectly acceptable nostalgia with their feelin’ good album The New Twist & Shout. And as simple as the title of the album is, it might just be absolutely perfect for their style. Much like the artists by which they are influenced, this band is more than capable of standing the multiple choice test of time.

Gary B & The Notions: Give Me One Reason [mp3]
[audio:091123-gary_b_notions-give_me_one_reason.mp3|titles=Give Me One Reason|artists=Gary B & The Notions]

Gary B & The Notions: Unannounced [mp3]
[audio:091123-gary_b_notions-unannounced.mp3|titles=Unannounced|artists=Gary B & The Notions]


The Beechfields Records [CD, 2009]

1. We’ll Wait
2. Three Horse Carousel
3. Hall and Oates
4. Unannounced
5. Rhthym of the Weekend
6. Jenny
7. Give Me One Reason
8. Nations 1-2
9. Sally
10. The Exercise Song
11. New York Jet Set Garbage
12. Landscapes & Skylines

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