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Globes On Remote: The Woo Hoo Hoo [Album Review]


What a spirited little dose of experimental pop Globes On Remote have offered up with their strangely titled debut album The Woo Hoo Hoo. It’s a fun collection of spaced out and dizzy pop songs with a highly positive outlook. This LA based group manages to bring together the styles of Michael Jackson, Radiohead, and even The Killers together (FINALLY!!) to create songs that are fun and exhilarating in nature. With so much going on as far as noise and space-filling, you may feel like an 8 year old kid lost in Disneyland. Scared yes, but very entertained.

Because of the nature of Globes On Remote, each track plays itself of the last one. It’s not to say they all sound the same, that would be ridiculous; just that each track is one more addition to the entire event that is The Woo Hoo Hoo. If this album needs to be labeled as anything, let’s call it one of the finest and well conceived debut albums in the electronic pop field to come out in quiet some time. It’s a finger-snapping, neck-breaking good time.

This foursome should be proud of their first efforts. Indie rock is really hard music to dance to at times, and if you want body-moving and soul-searching, well, you usually have to choose one or the other and go back and forth. But, hey, Globes On Remote is quite an advancement in the indie pop world. So, strap on your Birkenstocks and board shorts, and prepare for a thrill ride through the soundtrack to every late night club in Southern California. It’s going to be quite the trip.

Globes On Remote: Space Camp [mp3]
[audio:091119-globes_on_remote-space_camp.mp3|titles=Space Camp|artists=Globes On Remote]

Globes On Remote The Woo Hoo Hoo Album Cover

[CD, 2009]

1. Hollywood Gold
2. Hi Kix
3. D.T. Lipps
4. West Coast Kids
5. Space Camp
6. Robit Attack
7. Dance Of The Gravitrons
8. My Professor
9. Bear Falls From Sky
10. Zanek!
11. To The Water
12. Goodbye!
13. Nation-Building

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