Bend Sinister Gives Away 10 Free Tracks!


In the new age of digital downloading and iTunes supremacy, many artists are turning to giving tracks away as a way to get their name out and about. Maybe it’s effort to get you to come out to your local pub, farmer’s market, or Tully’s to watch them give you the magic live and in person. Vancouver B.C.’s Bend Sinister has graciously joined the hopefuls by giving away 10 free tracks as downloads on their website. And by now we should know that just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it lacks quality.

Bend Sinister wants, and deserves, a following. Their “go funk yourself” rock-n-roll style is very impressive. They are a perfect band for fans of real socially unacceptable rock with a twist of gentleness from the soft heart embedded in all of us. In the spirit of Benjamin Bear, piano drenched and wholesome sounds can be yours with a few clicks of a mouse and a mailing list.

Amongst the 10 free tracks you will receive 9 rightfully chosen cuts from all 3 Bend Sinister albums available. And the extra cut is a stunning cover of The Beatles’ “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”. These guys have made a good move here. Simply because 10 tracks is just not enough. You will undoubtedly click your happy ass to the house that Steve Jobs built and get some more Bend’s tracks. Well played sirs. Well played.

Download your 10 free tracks at their website.

Bend Sinister: Happiness Is A Warm Gun [mp3]
[audio:091110-bend_sinister-happiness_is_a_warm_gun.mp3|titles=Happiness Is A Warm Gun|aritsts=Bend Sinister]

Bend Sinister: 4 Jimmy Brown [mp3]
[audio:091110-bend_sinister-4_jimmy_brown.mp3|titles=4 Jimmy Brown|artists=Bend Sinister]

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