Fanfarlo: The Walls Are Coming Down [Video]


With the orchestrated hints of Balkan-influence Beirut, and a vocal tenor to match, Fanfarlo takes their influence in a less dramatic direction, at least as it relates to songwriting. “The Walls Are Coming Down” certainly has theatrics, but they’re less, well, flamboyant. It’s more open, and less domineering too; the opposite of which truly allows Beirut to stand out, but it also sets Fanfarlo in an altogether different direction.

I may be going overboard with the similarity here, and Fanfarlo deserves more than a mere comparison. “The Walls Are Coming Down” truly is a brilliant song, and my favorite of the three I’ve heard by the band thus far. The bridge breakdown in the middle is a little pop jam that builds perfectly as the Houdini-like character nears his escape. “The Walls Are Coming Down” (and “Luna”, included below in mp3 format) is off Fanfarlo’s new LP, Reservoir, out now on Canvasback Music.

Fanfarlo: Luna [mp3]

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