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The Atlantic Manor: Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows [Album Review]

The Atlantic Manor

Vocalist and guitarsmith R. Sell, mastermind behind The Atlantic Manor, has probably heard the expression “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” more than the rest of us. This only seems logical since his music bleeds this theory at a slow drip upon the dusty, unkempt floors of indie rock. There isn’t a much better example of a man’s strive for artistic freedom over commercial success than with this guy. And with his 10th (yes, 10th!) DIY release Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows, we get another look at the dark exploitations of the imaginary freedoms we tend to treat as all to real. This is maddening. This is strange. This is cool.

Every song on Slow Drugs and Other Sorrows has it’s own personality and sense of well being. The creepy yet catchy track “Truant Heart” is reminiscent of Zepplin at their storytelling best (void of all the LOTR bullshit of course). And, quick but sweetly deafening “Do You Still Have A Heart” sounds fresh from the end credits of a Jim Jarmusch film with it’s taunting and happy piano groans.

It may be hard to rid your mind of Anton Newcombe theories when you hear of The Atlantic Manor’s crazy work ethic and avoidance of the mainstream media and labels. But, The Atlantic Manor, unlike BJM, seems to be a project truly based on a continuous love for the art of music and storytelling. On his website, he proudly dotes, “go start your own band and make the world a better place.” If that isn’t proof enough, the splendid operative means of what is his 10th album in 9 years should do. Yes, the strings of heartache have washed out upon the bay of The Atlantic Manor. And R. Sell is still fishing for them through beautiful songs; he is surely never going to quit.

The Atlantic Manor: Truant Heart [mp3]
[audio:090817-the_atlantic_manor-truant_heart.mp3|titles=Truant Heart|artists=The Atlantic Manor]

Slow Drugs And Other Sorrows by The Atlantic Manor

[CD, 2009]

1. Truant Heart
2. Do You Still Have A Heart
3. Slow Drugs
4. Weekend Full Of Moons
5. A Silent Moment
6. Fire In The Sky
7. Bad News For The New Scene
8. A Clear Day For Love
9. Track 9

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