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Portugal. The Man: The Satanic Satanist [Album Review]

Portugal. The Man

As bold of a statement as it may be, Portugal. The Man is one of the greatest groups to emerge this decade. There is just too much character and rhythm in their tunes to not display their talent in a glass case for all to see. And their fourth album, The Satanic Satanist is definitely one of the best adventures these boys have ever taken us on. It’s Sgt. Pepper in command of the Grand Funk Railroad. And it is astounishing that a band that never stops touring the earth finds it possible to sit down and write the songs of estranged existences as they always seem to do.

Choosing a favorite track from this album is similar to choosing your favorite child. You’re pretty sure you know which one it is, but you know it’s not right to say. In essence, this album will follow your mood whenever you may want it to go. Their words are powerful as they determine their own ideas of irony and heaven, hope and dynasty. Each track on this album is as soulful as it is edgy. There never seems to be an empty space throughout the record. It’s just plain fucking solid!

It is sort of strange to think that The Satanic Satanist is an album inspired by the unnecessarily large state of Alaska, former home to frontman John Baldwin Gourley. But, in all reality, it’s pretty much perfect. The guitar work is vast and beautiful like miles of mountainous acreage. The rhythm and beats (with some pristine samples as well) flow as smoothly as rivers from glaciers. And some of their lyrics are as hard to swallow as the oil in which the state depends upon for financial survival. To say this album is just great, would be a severe and highly punishable understatement.

Portugal. The Man: People Say [mp3]
[audio:090807-portugal_the_man-people_say.mp3|titles=People Say|artists=Portugal. The Man]

The Satanic Satanist by Portugal. The Man

Equal Vision Records [CD, 2009]

1. People Say
2. Work All Day
3. Lovers In Love
4. The Sun
5. The Home
6. The Woods
7. Guns & Dogs
8. Do You
9. Everyone Is Golden
10. Let You Down
11. Mornings

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