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Miwagemini – This Is How I Found You [Album Review]

Miwa Gemini

Picture the dark night club scene from any 30’s style art film. Now put that night club in the middle of the desert, and fill it with beatniks and bikers. This would in turn lead you into the same location that anti-folk singer Miwagemini would most likely send you to. Her sophomore album This is How I Found You is a spiritual and free flowing collection of absolutely lovely, yet hardened by life tracks.

Banjos scream and taunt foolish women folk on the almost rockabilly track “Traveling Man”. And on the bad vibe blazing cut “Pieces”, Miwa spills out distaste like a kinder, gentler Larkin Grimm. But, the real draw of This Is How I Found You is the more easy going tracks like “Picnic” and “Angels Prayer”. When our lady tones it down, but still refuses to distill compassion from pain, or vice versa.

Within the guarding sheath of the physical copy of this wonderful album, Miwa lets out her secretive lonely past. She tells of an imaginary world she once created and how from this, her passion for music spawned. And love would soon follow and inevitably be the inspiration for this delicate and breezy album. So sit back with a hot cup of green tea and a warm desire. Enjoy the calm and intoxicating waves of mandolin, banjo, and piano and let your mind break with the tide. Miwagemini will easily help you find your happy place.

Miwagemini: Traveling Man [mp3]
[audio:090805-miwa_gemini-traveling_man.mp3|titles=Traveling Man|artists=Miwagemini]

Miwagemini: Pieces [mp3]

This Is How I Found You by Miwagemini

[CD, 2008]

1. Picnic
2. Traveling Man
3. Something Ordinary
4. Pieces
5. Forever For Never
6. Room Of You
7. Crazy Over You
8. Angel’s Prayer
9. Paperwhites

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