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Fruit Bats: The Ruminant Band [Album Review]

Fruit Bats

By now, it is pretty much undeniable that a band like Fruit Bats was meant to rule the earth. With their classic rock like anthems that still pull from the more modern indie-pop scene, it is no surprise that Sup Pop has invested so much effort into these splendid musicians. Has said investment paid off? After two successful records, and one listen to their latest album The Ruminant Band, it will be bloody obvious that yes, they made a great decision. This is a band that knows its potential and should rightfully relish in it at a devilish constituency.

The uber catchy title track is the obvious hit with it’s Clapton-esque guitar work. But, the unpronounceable (and also capital city of Honduras) “Tegucigalpa” is by far the superior single with all its grace and integrity towards its classical muse. Each track brings a new joy or blessing or curse. Even the closing and cumbersome cut “Flamingo” brings along a happy despair that is rarely craved, but always appreciated. Overall, The Ruminant Band is a terrific album for the spiritually impaired and the mentally progressed.

Fruit Bats have been labeled as “zoology rock,” “rustic pop,” and “bootgazer.” These are very clever and mystic uses of terminology. But, what about “wonderful?” “joyous?” “Plain fucking brilliant?” So many things can be said about this spontaneous prosed five-man orchestra of delight. It is truly a delight and a rarity for a band such as this to come out and spit musical purity into a sometimes disgusting reality. These guys know music. And we should be truly grateful.

Fruit Bats: The Ruminant Band [mp3]
[audio:090804_fruit_bats-the_ruminant_band.mp3|titles=The Ruminant Band|artists=Fruit Bats]

Fruit Bats: My Unusual Friend [mp3]
[audio:090804_fruit_bats-my_unusual_friend.mp3|titles=My Unusual Friend|artists=Fruit Bats]

The Ruminant Band by Fruit Bats

Sub Pop Records [CD, 2009]

1. Primitive Man
2. The Ruminant Band
3. Tegucigalpa
4. Beautiful Morning Light
5. The Hobo Girl
6. Being On Our Own
7. My Unusual Friend
8. Singing Joy To The World
9. The Blessed Breeze
10. Feather Bed
11. Flamingo

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